Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

Looking back on my progress from my first preliminary task to my final film, it is clear that there are massive improvements, in both my editing and my variety of shots used, to make the film more visually interesting. Firstly, I feel like I have grown more confident with my use of the programme Premiere Pro, and I feel like I can now confidently edit shots together, more so than I did in my preliminary task, as my editing process for my film was a lot more proficient than that of my preliminary task. In my preliminary task I used the 180 degree editing rule to convey a conversation between two people. However, I did not include dialogue in my film, meaning I could not compare my progression in this editing skill, as the 180-degree rule is disregarded in my film. However, I feel that using the 180-degree rule in my preliminary task helped me to improve my confidence in my editing skills, and inspired e to use a variety of editing techniques in my final film, such as having two-person shots. I would never have been able to use this technique without the preliminary task as it helped me grow in confidence. Furthermore, I feel that my continuity editing has improved since my preliminary task. After our preliminary task we were assigned another task to practice out skills, this time focusing more on editing techniques rather than camera angles. This task was to film something mundane and try to make it seem more exciting by adding some different editing techniques and adding music. I decided to film myself making a risotto, and used a variety of different camera angles and added music, which gave me more confidence when editing my final film because it meant that I knew how to apply sound effects to my work. This confidence continued throughout my final product and inspired me to use a selection of different shots, for example trying to use more irregular angles, such as when the characters step over the camera in the beginning of my film. Another practice that has helped me to make my final film better is the use of After Effects. I learnt to use the programme when creating fairly complex products, such as my ident and my title sequences, making the film seem more professional.



Evaluation Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I used many different types of equipment and programmes throughout the process of constructing my product which have helped me develop new technology skills. Firstly, through the different equipment is used. I used a Canon 700D camera to film my footage, and after doing test exercises with this camera to prepare me for my actual filming, I learnt I could adjust the aperture to control how much light was let into my footage. This proved very useful because not only could I change the depth of field, but obviously more light was let into the lense, so I would have to change the iso and I could just have the shot lighter. I used other camera equipment, such as a gopro. I used the gopro because it can focus on everything in the shot so wen moving quickly, if I’m tracking a character, it means that where the focus could change on an slr, on the gopro is doesn’t focus on different items. With the gopro I also used a 3 axis gimbal, which meant that the shots were really steady and smooth, so that was good for my film as I had to run after my main character, so the shots weren’t shaky and were very smooth. A key programme I used throughout the construction of my product was Adobe Premiere Pro, which I have used throughout to edit shots together to my liking. Premiere Pro allowed me to create a final product that has continuity editing, as well as other editing techniques. It also allows me to use magic bullet, which is good for visual effects. In my construction I also used after effects to create my titles, which was very useful as it allowed me to choose a variety of different fonts to suit my film, and a variety of different effects, for example fading in and out. I used after effects to create my ident as well, placed at the beginning of my film opening. For this I used a video on youtube to help me create it, as well as adding some of my own ideas in. Finally I also used some online sites, such as WordPress and Vimeo. These allowed me to distribute my work to other viewers and made it easy to post my work online and share it.


Evaluation Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?

Evaluation 5 from Theo Barnes on Vimeo.

To evaluate the way in which I address my target audience, I can firstly look back on my target audience survey and interview. After analysing the results on the prezi, it was clear that the typical conventions of a thriller film is to have an outdoor location. I use this in my film, filming a large majority of my opening in the woods. However, I also contradict this by using an indoor location for part of the opening, despite not being a traditional convention of a thriller film. A mixed location is seen in other thriller films, such as ‘Taken’, which uses a mix of indoor and outdoor locations. This therefore would help my film attract a similar audience to that film. Another reason I chose to use an indoor location as well as an outdoor location, as suggested in my target audience survey, was so that I could create a dark lighting which I wanted to use to contradict the previous location and bring the character back to reality. Therefore, I used this lighting to address this expectation similar to the lighting used in ‘Taken’, although mine is slightly darker, I tried to still use a dark room. Another expectation that became clear through my target audience survey was the protagonist being a middle aged man. I addressed this by casting Andy as the 50-year-old assassin, thus also attracting my audience, as most people felt that a middle aged man gives a more calm and professional feeling to the character.

Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

After doing thorough research into target audience, I realised that the age that I should be aiming my film at is anyone from around 15 years of age upwards. My researched showed that almost all action thrillers are at least a 12 age rating, and most of those are a 15 age rating. My research also showed that more males are likely to watch an action thriller than females. I interviewed two people who had watched my film in order to make sure that my film opening is suited to the target audience that my research provided information about.

The first person that I spoke with is Morgan, who is 16 years old and loves to watch films, particularly ‘action thrillers’. His favourite films are ‘taken’, ‘Skyfall’, and ‘The Bourne Identity’. He is currently studying his GCSEs at Victoria College Jersey. In his free time he enjoys going to the cinema with friends, playing hockey and playing on video games. Morgan is a typical viewer for my film.

Morgan Pic

Morgan enjoys the action thriller genre because ‘they are exciting and often make you question and think about things’. His ideal action thriller would be one where a man has to pursue a criminal and assassinate him, using skilled fighting scenes and weapons, particularly guns. His favourite plot for an action thriller is in ‘Taken’, as he likes the tension in the film and the fighting scenes.

Below is a video of Morgan explaining why he likes my film opening sequence.

The other person that I interviewed is Sarah, who is 50 years old and also loves to watch films. Her favourite films are ‘Wanted’, ‘Spectre’ and ‘Taken’. She works as a receptionist and in her free time likes to go out with friends, play racketball and go to the gym.

mumpic 2

Sarah enjoys action thrillers because she says ‘they are exciting and make you think’. Her ideal action thriller would be one where the plot is intricate and makes her think about what is going on. Sarah’s favourite action thriller is ‘wanted’, because of the exciting action scenes and plot twist at the end.

Below is a video of Sarah explaining why she likes my opening sequence.


Evaluation Question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

Evaluation 3 from Theo Barnes on Vimeo.

A production company is a company that provides a physical basis for work in the various categories, such as film, television, radio, performing arts and new media art. A production company also handles budgeting, scheduling, production, scripting, post-production, distribution and marketing of the product. These are all vital components in the media making business. I believe a production company such as ‘Focus Features’ might distribute my media product. ‘Focus Features’ is the art house films division of NBC Universal, and acts as both a producer and distributor for its own films and a distributor for foreign films. This is one of the reasons I believe it would be a good distributer of my film because my film is set in the UK and not in the US therefore I would need an international distributor and producer. Another reason is that my film is a thriller, which has a theme of skilled assassinations, and ‘focus features’ have distributed previous thriller films on this theme, for example the film ‘Hannah’.

Evaluation Question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

evaluation 1 from Theo Barnes on Vimeo.

Firstly, I believe it can be seen that my media product uses traditional formats of the thriller genre. A key characteristic of the thriller genre is to create unanswered questions for the viewers, often by using a complicated plot or using a plot twist. I have followed this pattern in my own media product after deciding to create an unexplained murder. Immediately in my film opening viewers will be thinking of unanswered questions, as neither of the characters have many details revealed. For example, I do not reveal why one of the characters is running from the other, and why he is assassinated by the protagonist. Another key convention of an action thriller is that there is a particular level of action scenes. My film opening does follow this convention as there is a very obvious action scene. Another typical convention in action thriller films is that at the beginning of the film there is usually balance and nothing has yet been disrupted. I originally did not follow this convention in my first draft, however in my second draft I decided to add in some scenic shots so that there seems like there is some peace at the beginning. I believe that my setting follows the conventions of the genre as well, because a thriller is usually filmed in a fairly standard place, for example a woods and a bedroom. However, it could be argued that this also doesn’t follow the normal conventions as my research showed that a lot of people thought that a thriller should be set in a city. I decided to choose the setting of the woods because I have not seen it in many thriller films, so thought that I would go against the forms and conventions. However, I did then do the final scene in a dark bedroom, which I got the inspiration from ‘Taken’, and the protagonist wakes up from a dream in a dark room. In terms of my main character I think that I have followed the typical conventions of a thriller film as my research showed me that generally the protagonist in a thriller is a middle aged man.

Third Draft

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 13.08.20Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 14.01.50

In this draft I tried to improve my editing. I also added my titles and ident to this draft. I found a font that I thought was suitable to my genre, as it has guns incorporated into the text. I also tried to make the colour on this draft better by using magic bullet, try to make the lighting and colours different so that it can change the mood and atmosphere. I am pleased with this draft, however i still want to improve it by using parallel editing, as this would made my opening more tense.

Second Draft

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 13.08.20

I developed my film after making my first draft, and was able to create a second draft of my film. I decided to re-shoot all of my scenes as I realised that there were a lot of issues with my first draft. I added some additional scenes, for example the ones at the beginning, as I needed somewhere to put my titles and therefore thought they would look good integrated into some scenic shots. I still have room for improvement, for example I would like to cut down the scenic shots a bit, as at the moment they are a bit too long and make the film opening longer than what is typical in most films. I also need to add in some titles and my ident. One more thing that I would like to change is that I feel that my sound effects and background music is too quiet at times, so I will fix this in my final film.